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We welcome you to Bread to Dough with open doors, and open arms. Our hopes are that you break our breads, share our desserts, drink teas and coffees with those you care for. 

Our bakery offers fresh breads, coffees, cupcakes, specialty cakes, cookies, pies, seasonal soups, paninis, salads, and lunch specials. 

We bake all items daily. Please call or walk in to view selection as items are rotated and selection varies. 

Learn more about

Chef Teresa Hardman

passions, and journey to Bread to Dough Bakery

It all started about 50 years ago... 


I grew up in a poor neighborhood but had the best childhood ever. Friends I made, and still have today. One friend in particular, her name is Dora. He and I seem to love baking. I remember once sneaking into Ramona, her momma's kitchen. We wanted to make cookies. So we climbed up on her cabinets, we were 5 and started grabbing flour, sugar, and eggs. Her kitchen was a mess, but somehow I felt such a passion for being in a kitchen.

As I grew, I continued to be attracted to food. During this time my Granny Lewis was a head cook at the local cactus café. I remember begging my parents to let me stay with her a lot so we could get up at 3:30, walk to the cactus and start cooking. I remember many years watching her flip burgers like a pro chef. She was a master at it and a master at baking. Her Fried Pies were the bomb!  She could cook or bake anything. I loved watching her have such a deep passion for creating. She could take nothing and make an amazing something. She never ever measured.

At 12 my parents owned a thriving grocery store. Because both parents worked I was encouraged to start cooking meals. So I did. It wasn’t long until I wanted to work in the store. I started off in produce, and then stocking, eventually, I geared towards the meat market. There I stayed for the duration of school. I could cut up a hind quarter blindfolded, clean the band saw like no tomorrow, grind hamburger meat, wrap and weigh! 

Once graduating, I pursued Accounting, I also had a love for numbers. I remained an accounting manager for 21 years. During this time I still had a passion for food. I started baking cakes and then wedding cakes on the side. I did this for years until I was blessed in 2001 and was able to own my own restaurant, Twin Mesquites. People today still talk about that place.  I would have stayed here but marital problems kicked in. Being in this business can take a toll on a relationship especially when both aren’t involved. I eventually sold it. Went back to Accounting Manager for 4 more years. I still couldn’t kick my passion for food and developed a Bistro, called Bon Ami meaning good friend. It was amazing and fun but again, can take a toll on onces life. I had a young son who was very involved in sports and realized that was what my life needed at that time so I closed the doors for the second time. In 2007 my husband and I purchased our father in laws home next to us on the River “Soaps Place”. It became a premier wedding destination, while also catering on and off-premise. 

My youngest graduated in 2015. When he was born my oldest was graduating. Raising boys for 37 years was the biggest blessing a mom could ever be blessed with. Mom on demand. When he went off to college empty nest syndrome started. Depression kicked in. I felt lost. I lost interest in everything. Because of my faith, I prayed constantly asking God to open doors for me or my life was meaningless.


The opportunity hit me like a brick. I would go to culinary school and get my degree! So in 2016, I moved to Austin, Texas where I attended Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. What a ride that was. Especially the traffic!  I was up at 5 am 5 days a week and drove to the other side of Austin to attend classes. I went through 4 blocks of school. There I was taught by some of the best Chefs around. Chef Pavla, Chef Tammie, Chef Jackie, Chef Pham and Chef Raff. It was hard being away from home and at times I didn’t think I would make it through. But with the Grace of God, I did. I graduated in April 2017 with honors. During the time I was at school, my husband had a calling to build me a bakery. So for the last 14 months, that’s exactly what he did.


Here we are finally with open doors and open arms... I am fearful, yet excited in abundance. I know that what I do matters none without the Hope and Grace of my God, Jesus Christ. Prayer has been my salvation. My journey has been blessed in so many ways I can't count them. I do know that all the work I do now is to his Glory and not mine.


Because in the end, we all face that day of judgment. He is the seed to righteousness and he is the only way to the truth and the light...
Abundant Love, 
Teresa "Tea" Hardman
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